Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does Open Source Software Suck?

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Just came across an interesting blog that I thought I'd share. It discusses the pitfalls of Open-Source Software.

My thoughts? Well, first, I think the article makes a number of valid points. However, many of them do not only apply to open-source. There's a lot of "sucky" software out there! But the fact that any Tom, Dick, or Harry with a machine can create open-source software means you have to be wary about where you get software from.

The article was directed at the higher-level OSS, so to focus on that, again, I agree with a lot of what was said. The main mistake this article makes, in my eyes, is limiting the remarks to the world of open-source. That said, as a happy Windows user, the value of well-polished financially-backed software is undeniable.

However, the draw to open-source is the gain received from using the latest trends and tools available. Much "industrial" software fails to stay current and shys away from new ideas, clutching ever-so-tightly to that which worked. By and large, open-source projects tend to feel much fresher, breeding ideas that 5-10 years later could likely wind up in a big-ticket, closed-source product.

Again, I won't deny the facts presented in the article. But there's always two sides to a coin. :)

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